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Epoxy Coatings
Epoxy paint is a resistant coating against humidity and destructive chemical corroding factors and enjoys a very high mechanical resistance. Epoxy paint coating is washable, and enjoys color variety, easy repair, and very high stickiness. It is resistant against friction, blow, and hydrostatic motions.

The advantages of use:
- it is fully stable against the temperature changes.
- it is impermeable against nondestructive corroding chemicals and is fully resistant.
- It is resistant against friction.
- It experiences a low degree of contraction against heat due to low thermal expansion and does not show shrinking (contraction) against the heat changes.

Application cases:
- painting the surfaces which are exposed to corroding chemical factors.
- painting the water reservoirs for prevention of rottenness and water leakage.
- Creation of resistant coating on various oil, metal, wooden, corrugated sheets, cement surfaces.
- painting of the surfaces exposed to friction.

Consumption amount: Approximately 1 kilogram per 5 square meters
How to use:
- the substrate must be fully clean and free form dust, humidity, fat and oily materials.
- If you want to apply the epoxy paint on the concrete surfaces it must be done 7 days after concrete works.
- You had better to do sub-floor or underlayment the substrate with primer epoxy before execution of epoxy painting.
- We put the ingredient B (epoxy hardener) on the ingredient A and beat or mix it for 3-5 minutes and after making sure that it is homogeneous we can apply paint with airbrush, paintbrush, or roller on the surfaces.
- The temperature of the environment of the execution of epoxy paint must not be lower than 5 degrees centigrade.
- after application of epoxy paint the work tools must be cleaned with epoxy solvent.

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