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Considering their high resistance to sun beams, polyurethanes have various applications as final coating in variable climatic conditions. Polyurethanes are a group of highly consumed polymers with excellent properties. For this reason, designers and specialists of coating industries can well enjoy these combinations in different applications. There are several examples of these composition on application exist including transparent coatings for single-layer coatings specific for roofs, paints used for highlighting passageway of pedestrians, etc. Polyurethanes are highly resistant to cracking, abrasion and stroke. One of their specifications is fast and completed drying in the ambient temperature. Aliphatic polyurethanes are more expensive than different types of aromatic .since , different types of aromatic and epoxy samples are used in undercoats, base paints and connective coatings while aliphatic are used for the final coating. Use of protective coating to prevent from corrosion in steel structures whose first coat and base coating are of epoxy types are one coating of the important applications of polyurethanes. Another case, is flooring systems in which different base covers may be used. Urethane is sometimes sufficient to be used as the final layer.

Use of polyurethanes, polyureas and polyurethane dispersion resins as well as the materials participating in their reactions are constantly developed. These materials are highly used in covering different surfaces. Environmental issues and new regulations direct the modern technology of cover production towards solvent-free, highly solid and water based systems. Isocyanate -free coating systems will be highly used in the future. Of course, it all depends on the intellects and efforts of researchers and designers of different industrial polymers and resins. There are modern interesting plans for polymer-modified cement systems in order to protect steel floors and surfaces. Old systems are set aside upon arrival of new systems and there is a bright future forward for modern systems.

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