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Constructional Paints
Decorative paints can be generally divided into 3 classes:

Oil paints:
in this type of paints we disperse the pigment in dryable oil which is glycerin lining with fatty acids . These pigments are oxidized in air and changed to saturated combinations and make up a resistant and protective layer which prevents the permeation of water into pigment.

Plastic paints:
Adding synthetic resins such as polyvinyl acetate plastic paints are produced. These paints are very important and widely used for their durability and wash-ability.

Acrylic paints (water-base):
These water-base new-generation paints are among the decorative paints which are greatly increased in view of environmental matters and not using the organic solvents and applied harmful materials in such a way that they are a good substitutes for alkyd oil paints.
Very good resistance against washing, lack of unpleasant odor, being compatible to environment (environmentally friendly) , not using oil and organic solvents, having good coating and covering and being economical and easy application on surfaces, are among its unique properties and specifications.
On the other hand acrylic silicone paints are special to the building finish (view) and some of its technical specifications include good resistance against water and superficial pollutions, high-rate coverage and coating and not absorption of dirt and preservation of surface.

Properties of paint:
Made of the best raw materials and high technology
Rapidly dryable, excellent stickiness, good durability and flexibility, resistant to humidity odourless and not being allergic for plaster, cement and brick surfaces.

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