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Stoving Paints
The coatings which are dried through the heat of a furnace are called stoving paints. Such coatings are usually applied in the form of single-layer systems which have not only protective, but also have decorative feature. Such paints are used in different industries such as automotive industries , metal industries, home appliances, kitchen cabinets, washing machines, refrigerators, office tools, coolers, water heaters, aluminum industries, etc. These paints have a good resistance against water, detergent materials, ordinary chemical materials, etc.

There are several categories based on the type of base paint used in the production of stoving paint. Some of the common categories are as follows:
Alkyd base paints which are mixed with amino resins are based on non-dryable oils such s coconut or castor oils or based on semi-dryable oils such as soybean oils and are used in the form of short oil or medium oil. Amino resin acts as a mediator and causes the paint to become strong, chemical-resistant and durable. Melamine formaldehyde and urea formaldehyde are among those amino resins used in paints.

stoving paints produced by alkyd melamine can tolerate the temperatures over ºC190 while alkyd urea paints should not be more thanºC130. Alkyd melamine has a very high chemical resistance and external durability. However, the film obtained from alkyd melamine is dry and brittle and has a weaker adhesion as compared to alkyd urea. In manufacturing formulation of alkyd amine paints, urea and melamine resin are usually used to obtain film with the necessary properties.

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