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Petro sanaat Mobina has more than 15 years experience in manufacturing industrial, constructional and automotive paints and also special coating of the Aleppo used in the industry.
With a very strong R & D department and Using advanced technology and the newest machinery and lab color too and Taking advantage of modern knowledge, continuous improvement of quality and timely delivery of products and services among the main goals of the organization.

In early 2010, the company was awarded with ISO 9001 by the CFR institution in the U.K., which was extra support in marketing its products in very competitive markets in here.

Paint is a word which encompasses a complete variety of materials such as enamels, waxes, varnishes, lowest covers, first and second coats, sealers, fillers, seals, etc. It can be said that organic cover is obtained through mixture of the following materials:

The base of work in paint manufacturing industry is to dispense the pigments in resin. Pigment particles should be distributed uniformly in the environment. In case pigment particles are not distributed well in the resin, it will deposit at the bottom of the container depending on the amount of distribution and if the consumer can not remix the deposited pigments, the paint will not have the desired quality. Mixture durability depends on the adhesion force between contact surface of pigment and resin. If these forces are high, they will separate the pigments from each other and will remain suspended in the environment and of course as time passes, pigment particles will be deposited due to having a higher weight a relatively clear fluid containing a little amount of pigment, resin, solvent and additives will remain at the bottom of the container. But if the adhesion force is low, particles are separated from the fluid, mix with each other and make a hard cake at the bottom of the container which may not be mixed with other components of the pain even by stirring.

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